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Hey everyone, happy turkey day/black friday...
In the spirit of the holiday, I'm considering upgrading to 48gb of memory. I currently use 24gb (6x4gb dimms) and know that i can still resell these for close to what i paid, so in conjunction with some good black friday sales on 8gb dimms, i thought i might come close to break even.

What i'd like to know is: with my mobo (asus p6t delux v2) what will happen if i plug in 6, 8gb memory sticks? will it utilize all 48gb? Is there a cap of 24gb and it will only utilize that much? Will it not work at all and i can only use 3, 8gb sticks for the same 24gb total i have now? if the only benefit is using 3 sticks instead of 6 to get to 24gb, i'm not going through the hassle, but if i can increase my total system memory it'll be worthwhile. thanks guys!
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  1. bump, still hoping for an answer
  2. lehighace06 said:
    bump, still hoping for an answer

    Suggest you rtfm to get the answer. Manual available fr download.
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