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Flickering/Artifacts with 7850

So recently Skyrim has started having this little problem with the sky flickering and I'm also having a similar issue in Guild Wars 2 but not as bad. I recently bought a HiS 7850 IceQ and have been using it for almost a month now. I didn't really notice it before in games like League of Legends and Starcraft 2. But then I started trying it out on more 3D type games and thats when I really noticed it starting with Guild Wars 2. At first Skyrim didn't seem to be affected by it and played just fine. This made me think that it had something to do with just Guild Wars 2 and something on their end. But well here I am. I rolled back my driver several times to different versions and I have recently been trying out the 12.9 beta. So far no change. Can anyone help shed some light on my problem? Should I just RMA this card?

Here is a video of my problem: You mite wanna skip ahead some in the video to get in game.
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  1. Still looking for an answer to this.
  2. I thought about buying this card. I guess not then.
  3. Still looking for help
  4. have u oc ur gpu or maybe downgrade ur drivers or maybe ur gpu temps are getting too hot
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    RMA or try to get your money back. This model that was made by HIS isn't very good and is of a low build quality. Ferrite shielded inductors and likely has nothing at all to cool the mosfets. How long have you been using this card?
  6. Sorry for late replies, wish I would of looked at this sooner. I RMA'd the card for a replacement. I only had use the card for about a month and it never really got hotter then 60ish, I just recently though got a new case with much better cooling and plenty of case fans. So when I get the new card I hopefully will even lower temps. I didn't overclock the card any so should be no problem in that region. I was also a little iffy about the refund because Newegg sometimes charges a 15% stocking fee. Not cool.
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    Still looking for an answer to this.

    soggypancakegg said:
    Still looking for help


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