System is not a 100% need help.

I am having some odd problems.
But I need someone that is more experienced than me to have a look.
I can provide you with the system report tells you about my hardware and drivers excreta.
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  1. It would help just to post it here and tell us what is wrong instead of just telling us you are having problems you know.
  2. okay well...I had the system built for me. I am not convinced my system is configured properly it has some instability not out right crashes but small things that are accumulating.
    When I run Either Autodesk Revit or Autodesk Architecture 2012 my user profile does not stay static they are forever changing (I have been using the products for years). On my backup system there is no such problems.
    I am running two SSD in a RAID 0 and have one data mechanical drive.
    what I do not know is are the proper drivers being utilized or
  3. Sorry more info..

    Asus Sabertooth X79 Mother board
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (X2) SLI config
    31.98 GB RAM
    Win 7 Pro (X64)
    SMBIOS Version 1009
  4. I could run a report using a system utility if i knew of a good one and post the results if it helps...
  5. Hmm, I'm not much of a person that does 3d rendering and such, so my knowledge is limited here. Is the only problem data loss?
  6. like the only data lost is profiles excreta
    I have to path it frequently.
    what about Raid 0 it states that it is a scsi drive? I dont think thats right? But I really dont know.
    Do you have a utility that you can review if you do I would love to run it on my machine and have you review it
  7. I do not believe the problem is application specific.
    My back up machine that has the same apps does not have this problem.
  8. I have frequent trouble with Acrobat X standard and Acroplot. Both of these show unstable behaviors even when used alone.
    Sometimes I even go to start an application and something stops it... it unexplainable.
  9. Somehow I feel that the SSD's are the culprits. Have you tried just booting it from your HDD yet?
  10. Please know I am not very informative on computer configurations. So I am a bit hesitant on how to boot from another HDD as the system is configured in RAID 0. Is it just a matter of changing boot order? is there other settings I need to change? And I would need to install a OS on the HDD as well.
    Also, I had suspicions of SSD's prior.. so I have changed both drives that are configured as 1 drive (RAID 0) from Intel(x2) to Corsair Force III (x2).
  11. I was hoping I could run a report of some kind, and have the problem identified. But the problem may require more of an eliminate certain hardware items and boot, run, excreta.
    I also wanted to say I think he SSD's are being identified as SCSI drives and I question if that is right?
    Is it because of utilizing a RAID configuration that the drives are being reported as SCSI?
  12. I feel that this may be solved just by loading your applications from your HDD, not replacing your SSD's as your bootdrive and all that stuff
  13. Thank you!! That I can try!and I will. I need to step away for a day or two but I will try that and see.
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