Keyboard beeps and is unresponsive while in BIOS

I can't access any of my setting in BIOS and therefore can't install my OS. Whenever I press a key in BIOS the speaker on my MB makes a short beep. This is true for any key on the keyboard not just f12, f9, f2, etc.. I've tried putting in my OS disk but it won't default to boot from that. Thanks in advance for any help :)
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  1. USB3 doesn't work in the BIOS, connect it to a USB2 port.
    If thats not the issue, see if you can get your hands on a basic PS/2 keyboard to use in the BIOS. The keyboard may require a driver to work or something.
  2. I have tried all the USB ports on the computer and the PS/2 port but nothing works. I removed one of the sticks of RAM to see if that would do anything but that also didn't work. Nothing happens when I press any of the keys except numlock, scroll lock and caps lock. Also, if I hit ctrl+alt+del the screen goes black and then 3dBIOS comes back up a few seconds later. I have already taken the battery out for more than 10 minutes and the board beeps once when starting up so I know everything is running properly. Thanks for the quick response just not sure what to do right now :/
  3. So you can get into the BIOS?
  4. The BIOS starts up and I see the 3dBIOS (It's a Gigabyte Z77M-D3H-MVP board) but when I press f12 to enter the Boot Menu nothing happens, and after a few seconds it starts beeping every single time I press a key.
  5. Will admit I am somewhat stumped.
    You are getting to POST and it obviously can detect keyboard input. So as far as I can tell there isn't any hardware failure.

    Software failure is possible, but as you have already tried different keyboards and you couldn't update the BIOS if you wanted too, dont see what you can do.
    I guess read through the motherboard manual (if you havent already) and see if it says anything on the issue.
  6. Yeah I've been reading the manual but it's not much help :/ If I moved the memory from slots 1 and 3 to slots 2 and 4 would that make a difference? Also, I have a Windows 7 Ultimate OS disk in the disk drive, shouldn't it default to that if there's not OS on the harddrive? Thanks for all your help so far, its my first build but I know a bit about computers and I've never seen anything like this :/
  7. Checking to see if any of the RAM is dead is a good move, but if that were the issue you wouldn't have even gotten to POST.

    Would depend on the mobo if it will default to the optical drive over the HDD.

    I suppose the most you could do is strip the machine down to just the parts needed for POST and see if it works. That way you could eliminate possible points of failure.
    But again, thats more used for when it refuses to POST outright.
  8. Well it wouldn't POST at first, so I did that, stripped it down to the bare minimum, then it would start (FINALLY), and then put things in one at at time until it was completely assembled and would start. Now I've just been sitting at BIOS for 3 hours completely unable to do anything :/ I've switched the ram out as well so i know its not that as it booted with just one stick and I alternated between the two of them. I just grabbed a few other keyboards and none of them work either. But it's weird because they have power and the buttons work but nothing happens when I try and enter any of them menus. Just so confused.
  9. Just as stumped as you are, no clue why it wouldn't be working.

    Maybe clear the CMOS (using the jumpers, not by removing the battery). Move the optical and HDD to different SATA ports.
    Really stumped here. Perhaps contact Gigabyte and ask them.
  10. I just did use the jumper to clear the CMOS and nothin from that. I'll try moving the ports and then as a last resort I'll contact Gigabyte (God forbit I have to go through customer support..). Thanks so much for your help though. I love this forum and you were a great help and responded really fast. Not sure how I can help you out, don't see any upvotes or anything but thanks so much. Hopefully I can figure this out tomorrow, if not tonight.
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