Radeon 7950 BF3 issues.

BF3 was fine when i first started playing then when i got to this mission in campaign my screen started to act weird on me... not sure why. playing with a Sapphire Vapor-X 7950, heres link to video and you can see how screens acting up now. im sure my Phenom 2 X4 955@stock and DDR2(dont even know the speed) is a bit of a bottleneck on my 7950 atm, ordering new mobo/ddr3 1600/SSD/Hyper 212+ cooler next friday and waiting on the FX8320/8350 to be released in october before i grab a new CPU and Corsair H100 or do a real WC setup. any help appreciated


edit: restarted pc cause windows update, tried Witcher 2 wasnt doing it, went back to bf3 was doing it on same part/level.. went a bit more into the game and now it stopped doing it... is it possibly because of a new card on old hardware like my cpu/mobo/ram? PSU is a Cougar CMX 1000 so i know its got enough power.
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  1. I don't think any of the parts are the culprit. Personally I don't think an upgrade is in order (just personally) and I would look at the benchmarks on the new FX before you buy it. Because the new FX processors are not much faster than what you currently have.
  2. isnt more of an upgrade but more of building a whole new pc and replacing my old athlon 64 3400+ with my 955, to have 2 computers in the house lol, any clue why my screen was randomly doing that?
  3. Did you buy it? Or pirate it? Not being a jerk, but if you didnt buy it, buy it. Wont get issues like that. If you did buy it, then that is odd.
  4. bought premium edition from gamestop. i dont pirate games, too annoying messing with them that way and i prefer having collection of games on my shelf like i have for ps3 lol but it randomly does that on and off, awhile after that part of the game it no longer did it...
  5. Well, if it doesnt do it anymore, it should be fine.
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