Need help

Hey guys I'm looking for help with building a pc.

Would anybody hint me with recondmendations?

1tb hard drive
8 or more ram.
A good graphics card for running high response games
A compatible motherboard and CPU
I have a power supply already and a case
This will be uses for gaming and multi tasking making movies and animatics.

Thanks for help :D
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  1. If you look at the bolded sticky in the homebuilt forums, check out the form - fill it out.

    What case do you have? What power supply?

    What games do you want to play, at what resolution (or do you need a monitor), and what do you think "high response" games means?
  2. I could go with any case or powersly recommended I would rather not use the case I have. The reason I didn't define the games was because ei play a wide verity of games but I would mostly play games that would pull a lot out of the computer... Soo yah....

    (My typing is weird because of autocorrect.... iPad..)
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