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I am currently running an A8 3870k and 6570 in dual graphics. would it be worth it to upgrade to a 6750 and just forget about dual graphics ( which i must say is kind of a pain anyway).
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  1. How much money are you willing to spend and what kinds of things do you do on your computer?

    Going to the 6750 may make life a bit easier, but I wouldn't say it's much of an upgrade. If you are going to spend money getting a new graphics card, you might as well get one that will give a significant performance boost. Right now the 6850 is a very economical graphics card that will give you high performance gaming without hurting your wallet.
  2. my only problem is that I have a Micro atx case and i can only use low profile cards. the 6750 has been the most powerful low profile i can find. will this be any better than the 6630d2 that i have using the A8 and 6570?
  3. If you expand your budget by $30 you can also get a new case. With how low performance those are for CF you might as well just get one faster card.
  4. really no better option for a low profile? I like the case and the fact that it takes up so little room. how much if any of a performance difference would i see with the 6750? and would i have the ability to get an additional 6750 later and crossfire?
  5. Or for $210 you can get a case and a GPU that outperforms them by a ton.
    Or if you want to save some money you can get this; and guess what it's still better.
    or this for even less.

    What is your PSU also?
  6. misfitstimm said:
    my only problem is that I have a Micro atx case and i can only use low profile cards. the 6750 has been the most powerful low profile i can find. will this be any better than the 6630d2 that i have using the A8 and 6570?

    ......exactly what case do you have ?....... and other poster is right about the 6850 in ngeneral. and I believe it's the fastest low profile card you can get........ if you can still find it............... but that could be neither here nor there depending on the case............ just because it says micro xtx doesn't mean low profile.
  7. I know my case is low profile. I got the 6570 not only for the dual graphics with the A8 apu but also because it came with a low profile bracket that i had to install. I have had several "larger" cases in the past (including the huge beast that is an alienware) and love that my pc is now so slim. so what is my best option for performance while staying low profile. there has to be something better than the apu dual graphics.
  8. also my psu is 500
  9. Low profile and performance don't go together well. Same reason a laptop costs so much for lower performance than an entry level gaming PC.

    What brand. If a good 500W you should be able to run most any card in your price range.
  10. They make a low profile 7750, there might even be a low profile 7770. If you can find a low profile 6850 that would be your best bet though.
  11. only 6850 low profile i have found is the Afox. and its a great card but way over priced and would have to order from japan. Im not looking for top of the line be all end all of gaming pc's. mid range or so would be nice. just want a nice upgrade
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    These are the low profile 6850 the cheapest I can find it is for $300 so that's out.
    The 7850 low profile they make is $350.
    Just stick with a 7750 and be happy.
  13. ok so the 7750 is better than the 6750? and both would be better than my a8 and 6570 dual graphics?
  14. Yes
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  16. Best thing I found was a 7750:

    With the 3870K, the 6550D can be overclocked to 900MHz or higher, which would give it similar performance to a 6670, especially if you have really fast RAM.,3260-10.html

    I'd try overclocking the GPU a bit and see if that helps with the dual-graphics situation. If not, try the overclocked 3870k by itself. IF either are satisfactory, I'd get the 7750.
  17. @jerm1027: the 7750 you linked has already been linked. The tom's article used a hyper tx3 for cooling(smaller than hyper 212s). Won't fit in low profile.
  18. yea i think i am going to go with the 7750. i gave the dual graphics a try and although the do allow you to play most newer games i was expecting a little more out of it than i received. really hope the 7750 delivers better performance than the A8 with 6570. fingers crossed. not sure what type of numbers to expect
  19. Yes it is better. I just hope it's enough of an improvement to satisfy you. Too bad you can only get low profile cards. Your limiting your options a lot if you want to play games.
  20. am i not going to see that big of an improvement? i have had a lot of difficulty finding any kind of comparisons with the a8 dual graphics
  21. According to the benchmarks it should actually be quite an improvement although the A8 on chip graphics aren't in the picture (these are at 1920 x 1080 resolution).,2931.html?prod%5B5730%5D=on&prod%5B5472%5D=on
    Read this for how the tests were conducted.,3154.html
  22. just ran 3dmark 11 with the a8 and 6570 and only scored p1757. seems pretty low to me
  23. According to the review I posted at 1920 x 1080 a 5670 is 1362 vs the 7750 which is 2382.,2931.html?prod%5B5730%5D=on&prod%5B5472%5D=on
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