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What GPU should I get?

I wan to get one of NVidia's 600 series GPU's but should I go with a more expensive motherboard so I can do 660's or 660TI's in SLI or should I go with a less expensive motherboard and get a 670? And which model should I get?
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  1. Well, if you are upgrading the Dell you have, you are going to want to replace the power supply as well.
  2. I'm replacing almost the whole system, all i'm keeping is the CPU and the drives.
  3. Spartin503 said:
    I'm replacing almost the whole system, all i'm keeping is the CPU and the drives.

    What cpu do you have?
  4. maxh22 said:
    What cpu do you have?

  5. For some reason I remember you replacing everything.

    You've got a 3770, which means you can be alright with a H67 chipset or a H77 chipset. They are cheaper than Z77 ones, and you don't really need a Z77 since you are not overclocking.

    If you plan to Crossfire or SLI, you are going to have to get a more expensive board.

    But I would put that 3770 on a H77 and run a really nice card.

    You could also re-use your RAM btw as well. The H77 I believe only uses 1333MHz, which is what your Dell should have come with.
  6. I need to upgrade to 16GB of RAM because I do HD video editing for work and I constantly run out of or close to the 8GB of RAM doing edit and listening to music. I'm also planning on just matching the RAM and getting 8 more GB.
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    Well, I would just get a higher end GPU, and just get a H77 motherboard, as you can't overclock your 3770 anyway.

    It would allow you to get a better GPU.
  8. Okay but what GPU should I get?
  9. I would personally stick to one video card. I have a 660ti by msi.

    I find that if your target resolution is above 1920x1080 you should be going with a 670 or higher. I think you would be fine with a 660ti either the MSI twinfrozer ones or the Asus DirectCU II would be the ones I'd suggest.

    SLi uses a lot more power typically adds additional heat to your machine and doesn't always equate performance wise across every game/application. Only reason why I'd suggest one card 660ti or 670 in my opinion.
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