Hyundai q17a can be bought where???

I have been searching for a place in the US that sells the hyundai q17a lcd that was reviewed in a recent article. So far it seems to only be available in other countries. I go back to school in a few weeks and i was hoping to buy one before then, but i dont want to pay the crazy shipping charges to get it from overseas. Anyone know a link to a US site that sells it?? Thanks
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  1. Hello,

    A reader found this link. I thought it might interest you.

    Q17, $419
  2. That link seems to go to a place that isn't really on the site anymore. I couldnt get to it by searching the monitor section. Also, the price is too high compared to what the article quoted. Any other sites sell the monitor??
  3. This is the monitor from the review, and the price really isn't bad compaired to many other 17 inch panels. I'm considering buying it unless i can find a better one.
  4. That link is for the Q17, not the Q17A. You really want the Q17A so the Q17 doesn't do you any good.
  5. I'm having the same problem. I'm looking at all the UK sites and I can only find 1 that stocks it, but it appears to be a retail store that sells online as an afterthought, so I'm not sure.

    The question is, if this monitor is that good, why are none of the major UK sites stocking it?
  6. What is the difference between the Q17 and Q17A? Dog Byte's web site states it has the DVI-D input. I know the Q17B-S that was being sold on Newegg only had the analog.

    Anyone know anything about this Dog Byte place btw?
  7. Hhhmm... Just to add confusion :

    Hyundai ImageQuest -
    Hyundai Digital -

    Both list a Q17 17" monitor, no Q17A. With all the same models and numbers they have to be the same company, but why 2 websites and different company profiles... ?
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