Gigabyte 6850 windforce factory overclock issues

i bought a brand new gigabyte 6850 oc edition. it was two months back. i installed it connected psu connectors and installed latest catalyst drivers. but to my amazement spec ops ran only 20 mintes and then had this funny blue small squares all over the display. the computer would freeze and had to reset it. i RMA the card but both the retailer and distributor found nothing wrong with the card. then i installed it again but could not get more than 5 MIN of darksiders 2 gameplay. the screen would just go blank but the sound could be heard or there would be solid blue vertical lines. i had to reset the computer.

my specs are:
core i5 2500K
GSKILL 2x4 gb 1600Mhz Ripjaws X
CorSair GS700 PSU
HDD 160 GB 7200 RPM
Xigmatek Dark knight Night hawk Cooler
CM 690 II plus casing

P.s. i have a XFX 9800 gtx+ 512 MB ddr3 which ran darksiders 2 and all other games fine.
Please Help
Why are gigabyte 6850 OC having these issues?

i also did:
ran furmark for 10 min. temperatures reached 63 and leveld out. i ran extreme burn in test. if it passes that test then why doesn't it game for more than 5 min. the entire rig was purchased recently all components are new except hdd so question of any of the componenets e.g. ram, mbo failing.

for temperature issues i did:
1. uninstalled nvidia drivers. used drive sweeper to clean up.
2. rebooted and installed catalyst 11.10.
3. rebooted and went into the bios setup of the mobo. disabled intel high precision timer.
4. started logging temp on gpu z.
5. after 1.5 hrs into the game vertical solid orange lines. gpu temp 55 oc.
6. rebooted computer started gaming 12 minutes into game vertical solid blue lines gpu temp.53 oc

i think that this much temp. fall into stable regime. what do u think? is my card failing?
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  1. why catalyst 11.10? pretty old driver(almost a year)
  2. That's Gigabyte at their best. The card is obviously faulty, but they will refuse to RMA it no matter what. They will also blame you for doing something to it or assure you it works on other rigs. As for the temperature, it isn't really a problem, 63 degrees is pretty cool for a GPU.

    If you can, try and convince Gigabyte's customer support that this is how you got the card and that it's faulty. If you can't then you will probably need to get a new GPU.
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