Why doesnt my new Asus GT 440 display?

I just installed a new Asus GT 440 in my new i5 machine and don't get any video out of any of the different connectors. Monitors don't show cable unplugged, just "No Signal". The driver disk is useless until the new card is installed, as are the driver exe's from Asus and/or nVidia. What am I missing here? Motherboard video works fine.

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  1. Most likely a DOA card.
  2. Enter the bios and make the primary video adapter the PEG(Pci-e Graphics) the first chpioe for video.
  3. only way to be100% sure the card is dead is test it on another computer. the other very slim chance of something else is pci-e slot is dead.
  4. Thanks. That's what I thought too. Go figure. (edit) DOA.
  5. Installed an old 240 and it grabbed all the drivers. reinstalled the 440 and updated all drivers. All is well in my world now. Thanks for the responses.

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