Geforce GT 440 vs AMD CrossfireX

I plan to buy a graphics card.But I don't know which one to go forward with.I have an a6-3650 APU.So should I go for an ATI card or an Nvidia card...??

I'm taking into consideration, ATI Radeon HD 6570 and Geforce GT 440....

As I have an APU,should I go for 6570 or 440 GT....? Pls help me decide.......
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  1. 6570 will be a lot better than the 440gt.
  2. nevertell said:
    6570 will be a lot better than the 440gt.

    Could you please explain in detail dude? coz i won't have an option of changing the GPU in near future....why did you prefer 6570?
  3. I saw gt440 costs around RS.6350.But Radeon HD 6570 costs only around Rs.4500....So does someone have any opinion on the Price-Performance comparison...??
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