More than 2 External Monitors (AMD HD 6520g)

Hello, i have a laptop with an AMD APU A6-3420m (2.5ghz overclocked) with the HD 6520g, i currently have 2 monitors connected to the HDMI and VGA ports of my laptop, and am only able to eyefinity to 2600x720 (or something close, ????x720) and i play Modern Warfare 3 across these two monitors at 70fps at max settings, i was wondering if i could somehow setup a third monitor with this laptop, there are no more accessible ports for output by the looks of it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You can't you either need a third display port or a single DVI-D port to be able to split the signal from the into two display I think as far as my knowledge goes. IMHO
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