MSI GTX 660 ti. Compatibility or Fault?

Hi recently put togeather a gaming pc spent about €850 on it it was my first time doing a build so i was nervous, the build that was recommended to me included an ASRock Z77 Pro 3 motherboard and a MSI Geforce GTX 660 Ti GPU. I went about installing the system and all went fine. I was working off the motherboard display output. I went to install the drivers off the GPU from the disc that came with it. While trying to install i hit set up went into the nvidia application thing. It didnt get past step 1. I have been getting the error message saying that "this graphics river cannot find compatible hardware."

The GPU is powering on the fans are moving. Would i have installed it wrong? Would mvoing it to the other PCI-E port on the mobo make a difference?
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  1. dont use the disc. download the latest driver
  2. I am still getting the same error code. Would putting the GPU into a different PCI slot make a difference?
  3. try that. also try different outputs on the GPU
  4. I changed the pci slot it was in. it came up to install MSI afterburner after i did it i installed it but it still wont let me update drivers.
  5. did you not use the ones from the internet? those are the latest ones.
  6. Have you installed all the drivers for your mobo first, chipset, LAN etc?

    Edit: These,
  7. I had this issue with a buddy of mine. The reason was the GPU had a different name "It was the new 560 TI 448 at the time" and the install file from nvidia i had didn't support it! It did, but the install file didn't have the gpu listed in its program and therefor just gave you the message, no supported hardware found. I fixed it by downloading and running a beta driver, try that from the nvidia site and that should fix your issue.
  8. How did you find the right drivers? I fear the GPU might be dead, if so ill be RMAing it. I thought it would be pretty unusual for juts the PCI slots to be disfunctional on the mobo. My friend has it at the moment hes gonna to try the GPU in his pc see if its the problem or if its the motherboard.
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