Gigabyte 7770 (900) OR MSI 6850

Hey, got a question.

Found an MSI 6850 for £95 inc. delivery :

Also found the 7770, on the same site for £96 :

I know that the 7770 and the 6850 trade blows very closely, so I'm asking as to which one would have the better cooler and/or better life expectancy.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would go with the 6850 on performance. They should both run within acceptable temperatures at stock rates and since I doubt you will be overclocking, they should have similar life expectancies.

    Just to give you an extra option (ignore it if the price is too high)
  2. HD6850 is faster, I would go with that as well.
  3. 6850 is better performance, 7770 a little better in power consumption.
  4. Yup, looks like I'll be keeping my eye on that 6850 then. Got a fireworks display coming up, so should have some dosh soon.

    Thanks guys.
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