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1 week ago I downloaded an update for my 440 GT. After I downloaded it my computer did not respond rightly anymore. When I tried to run google chrome, a game etc. So I did an AVG scan. My AVG said there was a problem with nvidia. So I tried to uninstall it in safety mode. It didn't do anything. Then I used driver sweeper. It solved a part of the problem. I don't get the messages that something doesn't work or respond anymore. Now my screen is much more zoomed in. I can't play games anymore and can't install drivers. I tried to install it with my nvidia disk that I got with my graphic card. It said "installer failed".

Can someone help me please? Because Mist of Pandaria just came out and I can't play it now :P. I hope my info helps.
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  1. Man, you got yourself a please-format me windows install. But before, try to download the latest from nvidia website and if they refuse to work I think your win is broken. I may be wrong, but that is what I would do. Wait for more posts to see if there is another solution.

    That is it.
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