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im a novice when it comes to hardware,but nether the less im attempting to build a pc myself(well,ive been told its not too hard).Anyway,my questions are:
1)im going to buy a motherboard with an AMD XP1600 (msi MS-6380LE),and im confused as to what case to buy.I know the case must be ATX 6 holes, but the PSU is confusing me.I have no idea of what power i will need :(

2)Are all drives(hard,cd,disc) the same,or do i have to buy a specific type for my system?

3)Can you install the same copy of windows xp on two different machines,or even if you can network two pcs running win xp and win 98, to each other?Is this possible to do through a simple usb to usb link?

Mr Wiffen.
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  1. 1) Go with 400watt psu. You're safe for *almost* any configuration.
    2) No, not all hard disks are the same. You'll see speed differences across the whole media. Unless you're using the computer a lot, you'll not notice the speed differences between the newer drives.
    3) There a couple of workarounds I've heard of on XP. One cracks the registry for 180days. The other copies a single file over to the clone computer, which makes it register'd with msft.

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  2. ok, ive done a bit more research into this, and found a case with 300 psu, at a nice price :).Is this enough do you think?
    Another point is i did a search on the mainboard,and brought up its spec ,and see there is no mention of video or graphics.Im planning to get a geforce2 for games,do you think this will work on this board?
    The last point i'd like to raise is can i use my old screen/keyboard/mouse on this board, or do all the new boards nowadays only accecpt usb perpherals?

  3. 1. I think it's better to go for a 350 W one, otherwise you could get problems.
    2. Your bord has an AGP 4x slot, so if you buy a GeForce2 with a AGP slot (almost all have it) it will work.
    3. Your screen will probly work (unless it is a black/with screen :smile: ). Your motherboard has PS/2 ports so if your mouse/keyboard have those they'll work. A serial mouse will also work. If you have an old keyboard with AT plug you'll have to buy a transformer cable.

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  4. A 300w power supply could be enough(eg it can provide a max output of 3.3v and 5v of 150w at least), but is better to go for a larger one (350, 400w).
    Your old mouse should have no problem, even it's a serial mouse.
    But if your keyboard is AT type, then you may need a new keyboard, or an AT / PS2 connector.
  5. am i right in thinking you need the extra power (300+ watts)for additional drives. For example if you had a cd,dvd,and cdrw on your pc.
    Im only putting one cdrom (52x),and one hard drive (10Gb)on my spec, so 300 should be enough?
    This may be a dumb question, but is dos already installed on the hard-drive, and there are no drivers needed for the disk drive?
    Yours confusedidly,
  6. 300W will B fine (I have a Athlon 1.2Ghz latest Kt266a mobo, CD, CDRW & a 40Gig drive & it works fine) even a couple of extra case fans shouldnt tax you PSU either unless they were last fitted to a F-15 or something similarly power-hungry (hmmm Bill Gates, is he missing any fans...). (and yes a one or two case fans are a good idea, keeps the overall heat down)

    As for dos... no it isnt on the HDD, as long as you are installing a new os eg ME,XP then you can boot from the CD drive (as long as you enable it in your system bios), DOS is not even in the arena in this... no special drivers are need for the HDD or standard media drives (CD,CDRW,DVD) the OS will detect them for what they are and that is that (though there may be utilities from you CD drive maker to 'improve' your drive)

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