GPU starting to die ?

I dont know and why my GPU XFX 4870 are getting the temp all the way up to 100'C++ .. The temp doesnt effect my CPU which is 40'C and below.. Even in the idle state my GPU are 100'C++ .. Is there anything to be suspect the cause of it ? Oh and also my room got aircond..

p/s : it keep piss me off when the pc are shuting down all out of sudden and frequently !!.. Maybe you guys can help me what is the problem actually ? The gpu fan are working 100%

Step that i have done :

1. Clean the dust. Failed
2. Update latest driver. Failed
3. Apply new thermal paste. Failed
4. Blow direct fan/aircond to chasis. Failed.

Can you guys give me other option ?
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  1. When it lights on fire let me know.

    Its a xfx card RMA it.
  2. since you already reapplied thermal paste and verified fans are indeed working, I can only think in the chance that your gpu voltage somehow got raised? thus getting those temps due to an elevated voltage.

    If you can manage to get into windows check your gpu voltage with gpu-z, if that's the case I think you can change it with msi afterburner, although flashing your gpu BIOS might be the best way to do it.

    Hopefully someone with more experience flashing gpu BIOS jump in to help.
  3. With an AMD reference design cooler I would expect the XFX Radeon HD 4870 to have temperatures like:

    Idle: 62°C
    Load (Gaming): 85°C

    Is the GPU being manually overclocked?

    Download, run and post the TechPowerUp GPU-Z screenshots for the Graphics Card and Sensors tab pages.
  4. Ty guys for all the inout.. I didnt OC my gpu at all and not even touch the fan setting at all.. This problem came in a sudden about 3-4days back.. Before that no problem at all.. ok here are my HWMonitor outcome..

    p/s : Sorry guys i cant use my pc now to install all those stuff bcoz my pc will shutdown after 2-4minutes from the moment i turn on..
  5. Can you boot in Safe Mode? It should use the default Microsoft driver in this mode. Check to see if it's still running at high temps and fan speed.
  6. Ok manage to get in my pc quickly and finish all this work..

    1. This is my GPU-Z >>

    2. This is my GPU-Z Sensor >>
  7. I'm actually surprised that you actually hit 112 on idle with fans working. Are you sure its actually sensing the temperature right? What I mean is, actually touch the plastic shroud to just get a feeling of how hot it is, chances are it might actually be a sensor going kablooie.
  8. Bro JJ1217, i already touch the whole GPU after it shutdown itself, yes it is hot just like how 100++'C should be.. Even the plastic part that around the fan are also damn hot.. And to answer your question YES i think so it read my temp right, bocz the temp are same in either HWMonitor / GPU-Z ..
  9. Very strange indeed, It could possibly be due to a bad driver for your graphics card. Try this:
    1) Unplug your graphics card
    2) Update/downgrade your drivers
    3) Install the graphics card
    4) Check temps
  10. I would like to try the downgrade of the driver system.. But is it will affect any funtionality of the card become worst ?

    Example : last update the card cannot go above XX performance, with the new update the card will perform better..
  11. With the graphics card reaching that temperature with no load on the GPU there is something else that must be generating the excess heat on that card. Maybe a problem with the VRM (i.e. voltage conversion circuit that converts +12V from the power supply unit to the +1.26V that the GPU uses).
  12. Any method to suggest bro?
  13. Sarbath said:
    Any method to suggest bro?

    Since the card has a Limited Lifetime Warranty you need to contact XFX and have it RMA'd.
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