Frequent lockups/general problems

aright lets say this comp is having problems like at boot it will make its normal hard drive sounds and roars and then it stops...complete silence...for about 59-80seconds its just blinking a little light and thats it...then a little hum for 1-2sec and then it boots up...ok and then sometimes it just completly forgets the other day it forgot it had office on click on word it says like please insert CD to install this feature...and sometimes you click a program and it sounds like it will run then its silence...and constant lockups and i think it might be the hard drive...but this comp has a 165watt PS...little low? do you think it would be worth it to replace the PS...or is it the hard drive? see there is this one comp and im suppose to fix it up so my sis can use it for like the internet and such...
450 PII
128mg pc100
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  1. Find an old 250W and see how you get on.

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  2. aright ill see what i can do..thanks
  3. Sorry I didn't answer the Q properly. I was up to my neck in my own stuff. LoL.

    An old PS might be easy to come by, is far easier to replace, needs no configuration and even if it doesn't solve the problem, I would recommend getting away from 165W!!!

    That kind of wattage is very low. Your system may have worked with it for a while, but it would be more likely to blow before the HDD.

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