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Hello, and Thank-You for your time, My Toshiba satellite L455 wouldn't come out of Safe Mode so I may have went into the settings and changed something wich now I have a bigger problem, When I turn it on it only reads, PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable & PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM. It starts out saying, For Realtek
RTL8101E/ 8102E{L}/8103E{L} PCI-E Erthernet Controller V1.13 {081016} I have tried the system image &
Repair disks and that didn't work, PLEASE PLEASE can someone HELP ME figure this out? I would be Truely GREATFULL!!!! I look forward to hearing from anyone who can give me advice!! THANKS

Toshiba Tammy
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  1. What do you mean you "may have changed something"? Did you? And what?

    That message means that the computer can't find anything to boot from so is trying the defaults, one of them is a network boot that you are seeing.

    Go into the BIOS, see if the hard-drive is seen. If it is, go into the boot order menu in the BIOS and add the drive to the listing if it's not there. If the drive is not seen, reseat the drive in the computer.
  2. PXE is a pre boot enviroment - and is used to boot off a network rather than your local computer.

    Go into BIOS (Press F8 as soon as your computer restarts) and take off PXE BOOT (disable it), if it's in your BOOT order - take it out.
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