EVGA Gtx 670 ftw overclocking issues

I recently purchased the evga gtx 670 ftw, and for the first four days it ran great. I was able to overclock it a little ( gpu +50, mem +150). However, for the past few days it can't keep stable, and will crash, causing the screen to go black and telling me my drivers stopped working and recovered. I have my power target to 145% and am using the latest drivers. When I run the card at out of the box speeds it runs without a hitch. I don't get why I can barely overclock it and when it does now it crashes every 5-10 minutes. Any ideas on how to fix this, or did i not get lucky enough to get a card that i can't overclock at all? Thanks.
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    I spent 18 months, 20 support calls and 5 RMA's trying to get my son's EVGA factory overclocked card to run at the factory OC ..... they finally sent me a next gen "reference card" to settle accounts. You are running the factory OC'd card and an even bigger OC and it looks like EVGA already got all that they can out of it. You did better than we did.

    I have since switched to using Asus DCII series or MSI PE series GFX cards and not been disappointed with either.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I can see where the logic comes in, but I have been reading on toms and other websites that people can push their cards significantly higher than what I've been able to achieve. I just find it rather odd I can't even push the memory and gpu past +40 without it becoming unstable. I don't get why it would start this after 4 days of gaming with the gpu and memory oc set much higher and still maintaining stability.
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