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Hello guys. I really need help and advices. My english is poor so I'm gonna keep it short and simple.

I ordered a new gfx card (RADEON HD 6850) and my current one was Geforce 8600 GT.
I went to pick my new card up, everything was working fine and never had this problem, when I got home I followed the intructions and turned on my pc.
everything seemed fine until when I got to my desktop I saw there was no internet connection, so I went behind my computer to check if there was any "light" on at the wire. There was not, I went to my brother and checked if he had internet, he did. So my wire, router is not the problem, but the motherboard. What I'm thinking of doing are either get an USB adapter just for "while waiting" or this
^ But I'm not sure that'll work if the problem lies within the motherboard? Please help me guys
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  1. Open the command prompt & type ping & send me the results.
  2. mitchell3405 said:
    Open the command prompt & type ping & send me the results.

    It says (I'm translatin from danish) could not be regonized as an intern or ekstern commando.
    A program or a batchfil
  3. make sure you put in ping not
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