Is this an ok HTPC?

I previously said I would be making my family a HTPC for Christmas and I just want to show you guys the parts to see if it's okay.
I would prefer it to be cheaper so if you guys see anything I could do to make it cheaper please let me know.
Here is the part list:



Hard Drive:


Disc Drive:



All of the stuff is from

If you can help me make it cheaper it would be great! I still need to find a good remote of some sort to control it so it would be appreciated if I can get some help
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  1. I'd go for something with better graphics for a HTPC to be honest. See if you can stretch to an A6 maybe. If not, the A4's are still OK.
  2. Why do you say that
  3. You're going to want to play high quality videos presumably, for that it is best to have decent graphics as well as a decent CPU. An A6 would be ideal in my opinion, an A4 is also good though. The best Intel option would be the i3-3225 but that looks a bit out of budget.
  4. Go for an AMD A6 or A4 build. For the price, you can't beat it. I think right now still has the a6 quad core for $60 usd.
  5. Is this processor okay?

    Will it allow for high quality videos? That's all that really matters. Anything else I could change to make it cheaper?
  6. That's one of the new Trinity CPU's, you might get an old Llano one a bit cheaper but it will only be a couple of Euros cheaper and you will have last gen stuff. I'd just grab something based on the one you linked. If you do, be sure to get 1600Mhz+ memory to make the most of it. 1600Mhz is generally the same price as 1333Mhz.
  7. Would I be better off getting a Raspberry Pi and a 2tb hard drive. Was talking to a friend about it and it sounds like the Pi can do everything I want it to for my family. What do you think? Just hook it up to a external HDD and run XMBC on it and leave it on for a HTPC. Good idea or?
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