Moving SFF to new motherboard

Hi to every1. I recently got hands on an HP Compaq 6200 with i5 and 4GB ram. I'd like to move all components to a new motherboard and move it into a new case (got the case) cuz I wanted to add a graphics card to that system. The question, while seems obvious, is: Will the new motherboard be compatible with those components? I'm not a complete newbie, but tbh I have no idea if parts from SFF could be incompatible for any reasons.

Thanks for all the answers ; )

PS. Sorry for my poor english ^ ^
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  1. I didn't think this would be so hard to answer... or does no one really care at all? =/

    I just don't want to take stupid risks if I'm not sure.
    Please, just a short answer, pretty please ^^
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