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  1. The 660.
  2. ^ +1 :D
  3. why the 660 and not the 570 please explain. just want to understand things a little more
  4. the 660 is slightly behind the 660 ti and the 660 ti is a good 10% or more faster then a gtx 580, and the 660 comsumes less power
  5. wow. so how many fps can i get on diablo 3 and battlefield 3? with the 660?
  6. Depends on the rest of your system.
  7. What are your system specifications?
  8. asus p8z77 v lk
    intel i7 3770k
    8gb corsair vengeance
    ocz vertex 4 128gb ssd
    1tb wd caviar blue
    OCZ OCZ-ZT750W ZT Series ATX Modular Power Supply - 750W, 80 Plus Bronze,
    corsair hydro series h60
  9. Diablo 3 you'll easily hit the 120 limit, that game doesn't take much, for bf3...I've never played it but with that CPU matched with a 660 you should do very very well. I7s are a little overkill for gaming most people will stick with the 3570 I5 which is how I know this without playing the game.
  10. Don't get an H60.
  11. Lol I have a H60, but I got it for free, so I figured what the heck.
  12. why shouldnt i get the h60?
  13. Its not that great of a cooler. I have one, and on my 2500K, and it cools just fine, but with Arctic Silver 5 and 2 radiator fans I see similar temperatures to my 212 Plus.

    For the price, its not the best option there is.
  14. well its easier to install than the 212 evo or plus right?
  15. LFraterJA said:
    well its easier to install than the 212 evo or plus right?

    Not necessarily, as well it costs twice as much.
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