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  1. Only thing I see that you missed was an operating system. Also what games do you want to play and at what resolution (monitor) and game settings, that GPU won't run many games past the medium settings at 1080. I'd get at least a 7850 and a 7870 if possible (one other option is the 650Ti but that's a bit under the 7850).
    7850 1GB-
    7850 2GB-

    For the PSU try to get a name brand because these are the heart of the system, if they go the computer dies and it can take other components with it. Don't cheap out here and get a no name PSU.
    Here are some modular ones I would actually buy myself.

    You never listed a budget so I don't know exactly what your price range is. As for the cooling you should be fine.

    Only other thing you might want to add but is optional is a CPU cooler if you intend to overclock your CPU.

    You should be fine in terms of cooling in the case. Do you need the network card? It's better to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the internet via the motherboard that a wireless connection.
  2. Hey thanks for the advice :)
    Em i will need a network card as theres 3 computers in the house

    I might keep that graphics card for now and maybe upgrade later i dont want to spend too much on one piece but ill definitely take your advice on the PSU thanks though :)
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