My computer's performance with most games is pretty sub-par I'd say. For example, I can't run the Witcher 2 over 20 fps on all low settings. When looking at youtube videos of other people playing the Witcher 2 with my card (Radeon HD 6570) they seem to be getting like 40+ fps with everything medium-high.
Here are my specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor (2 CPUs), ~2.9GHz
Motherboard: FOXCONN (?) 2A92
GFX: AMD Radeon HD 6570

I believe the problem is my CPU, which bottlenecks the GFX severely correct? I should also mention I have a 300W power supply, so maybe the card's not getting enough power?
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  1. Yep, definite CPU bottleneck. I would get an i3 and a H77 mobo to go with it. Your card is not brilliant either but should do the job.
  2. ...Ouch. Yeah, with that graphics card, you're probably getting bottlenecks from your CPU. I would run task manager under load while playing - see if your CPU is consistently above ~70% load, which is indicative of a bottleneck.

    The other thing I would think might be a problem in an older rig is heat - is your GPU fan revving up and down loudly? If you can, run GPU-Z in the same situation as above, and see if the card is throttling down because of heat.

    [EDIT: instead of spending a lot of money, let's test and see what the problem is first - if you're happy with 40FPS and medium settings, and don't or aren't able to spend money on an upgrade, I wouldn't worry about it. If you do want to upgrade, it would make more sense to simply step up to the most powerful CPU that'll fit in your motherboard, rather than buying half of a new system that'll be too powerful for your graphics card... a system builders' quest is an endless search for balance.]
  3. Witcher 2 is highly cpu intensive game. Even with a 6770 i get a fps under 30 for dual core cpu. From game setting lower the cpu intensive option like disable decals and uber-sampling which need great cpu power alone with gpu.

    Also read readme file for the game where option details are written for cpu and gpu. Read those for game tune. And disable anti-aliasing for AMD card. Hope you will get 30+ frame.
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