Random Red Screens with Nvidia GTX 670

Alright, you all were very helpful in solving my bad RAM problem, but I've got another now. Nothing with the RAM, but with my Nvidia GTX 670. With no warning, my computer will randomly red screen, forcing me to hard reset by desktop. Temperatures never go above 61 degrees, but it can be at 31 while browsing the web and have it occur too. I'm completely at a loss here, so any help is much appreciated. I'm guessing this is a graphics card problem based on the nature of the problem, but it could be something else I haven't thought of, so I'm open to correction.

System specs can be provided upon request.

Thanks a ton guys!
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  1. Drivers.
  2. GTX 670 Driver:

    I've now realized that it only occurs when I play Call of Duty 4. I cant explain why either, as any other more graphically demanding game like Crysis or Battlefield 3 will not have this problem.

    Any ideas?
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