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I am trying to build my first gaming PC and my budget is around 600 to 700
I am just trying to figure out if everything is compatable and if the things I am getting are reasonable for the build
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  1. Get a 650ti or even vanilla 650 - it'll perform better and have more oomph.

    If it were up to me, I'd shave money everwhere I could to try to afford a 128GB SSD. They really do make a huge difference.
  2. I looked up 650's and 650ti's and they require a PCI express 3.0 slot but the motherboard has 2.0
    that means it wouldn't work with that motherboard right?
    and if so do you think I should change the motherboard then?
  3. also, how does the ssd drive make a difference? i thought it only affected how quickly the computer booted up. btw i appreciate the feedback
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