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Hi I've recently upgraded from win98SE to XP Pro and am stumped on something that was so simple on 98. At my uni we're fortunate enough to have LAN access which allows users to share files (probably not what it was intended for, but hey). On 98 if I wanted to password a share I just entered a password and it worked. Not so easy on XP Pro as I can't figure out how to do it. I've been told its to do with user's and their associated passwords but I wouldn't have a clue as to how to set up a universal account for x number of people who I want to allow access to my file shares.

Any ideas? I've trawled the knowledge base but the closest one I found spent a page telling me how to turn off simple-file sharing...


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  1. ok, try this:
    right click on a drive/folder you want to share, choose sharing/security, ignore any bs windows gives you and choose "Shut up and share the drive", tick the box that says "share this folder on a network" and thats it, BUT...
    anyone on the network wants to access it, they will need to enter a user/pass, if you have none setup on your xp system, they will need to use YOUR xp logon, however, if you havnt set a user password for yourself, then it will block your friends, a pain, I know.

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