I can get a 7950 for 280$ ONLY today? (Quick advice please!)

Newegg's deal on a Saphire 7950 is 20$ off 300$

Id be buying the rest of my system next week. Should I wait?
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More about 7950 today quick advice please
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    buy it why wait it might be more money next week
  2. Alrighty. Also, since money is rolling around next week, should I buy all my parts now and put them together, or just the graphics card since it's on such a great deal?
  3. If you can afford to buy it all at once it's better less hassle imo
  4. Apprently I have a 400$ limit on my debit card. But fortunatly I got my 7950, Z77 Mobo, and 8g of Ram. I could've saved 5$ on the ram, but I panicked because I literally had a minute before the deals rolled over. Thanks for helping me make a quick decision, bigcyco!
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  6. Your very welcome enjoy!
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