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Hello! I'm currently using AMD HD 7350 for the games, it came with the computer. It's obviously not doing well since I'm asking on here! :( So I've researched a lot and looked at a lot of threads on here and other sites. But none to my specifics, I'm still not sure about certain things, like PSU - I believe mine is at 300 which seems not to be good for a decent graphics card, right? If so, would that be hard to replace for a better power supply?

Here are the specs for my computer;

Processor - Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHZ - 3.00GHz
Windows 7, 64-bit
Power Supply - 300

Let me know what else I need to list, I'm trying to find a video card that can work with my computer without having to get better parts like power supply or whatever that I need to replace. I would love to be able to play games at high settings since I always play most of my current games at the lowest settings and that's starting to bother me! =(

Thank you!
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  1. My computer came with a 220w PSU. I ended up upgrading to a 500w and it's not enough for very high end GPUs. And to the best of my knowledge(Which is fairly limited so please don't take my word as 100% truth) PSUs can lose wattage over time. Dunno how much or how fast. But I'd imagine that can factor in to decision making sometimes.

    What GPU you get though will depend on the games you play. And what PSU you get can/will depend on the GPU.

    List the games you play, maybe some games you'll be playing in the future, ect. And people can help you a lot better I think :]
  2. Budget?
  3. Did not know that things could decrease its efficiency over time! And that sucks about 500w not being good enough. :(

    Current games that are doing bad right now for me; L.A. Noire, Dead Island, The Secret World, and more. The games I would love to play, but can't due to my graphics card are - Skyrim!!! Um...I dunno what else, haha, but there's a lot of other newer games that I would like to play as well.

    Budget doesn't matter, but I would prefer it to be under 350 or so.
  4. joeboyferret said:
    Did not know that things could decrease its efficiency over time! And that sucks about 500w not being good enough.

    I'm not 100% sure about that though. It's just something I heard once from my friend who usually helps me with PC stuff.

    I'd actually love for someone on here to confirm or deny this. Because it's gonna come into play when I order my new GPU either today or tomorrow.

    I'll get out of your thread now though. Best of luck to your sir :D !
  5. That looks really nice, what about my processor? Is that good enough for extreme gaming?

    Thanks for your links!
  6. It plenty!
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