New build, suggestions/opinions/advice, please!!!

mobo: (asrock z77 extreme4)

cpu: (i5-3570k)

cpu cooler: (coolermaster hyper 212 plus)

case: (coolermaster elite 431)

video card: (MSI 7870 2gb GHZ edition)

ram: (g.skill 2x4gb low-voltage, on QVL for mobo)

psu: (corsair 750w, 80+ bronze)

i'll be reusing my HDD's from my current PC, as well as my mouse/keyboard/monitor/speakers/disc drive. i'm gonna wait on a SSD, might do it down the line.

any input would be GREAT! thanks in advance :)
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  1. Nice build, a bit of an overkill PSU, but that leaves you some upgrade room later.
    You may want to consider the the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo, its slightly better for the same price.
  2. that's what i was thinking with the PSU, maybe be able to use it in my next build too :) thanks for the suggestion on the cpu cooler, i've swapped that in.
  3. Awesome. Other than that, you are ready to order...
  4. all ordered but for the mobo :) it's out of stock, but my parents are buying that for me as an xmas present anyway, so plenty of time to shop around/wait for newegg to get it back in stock. so excited to have an up-to-date PC. my current rig (from 3 years ago) was old from the moment i built it. it's served me well, but it's time to play with the big boys :)
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