Installed graphics card driver but graphics quality got worse

My computer is connected to an LCD TV via HDMI. When I first installed windows the screen resolution was 1920x1080 and everything looked fine, except there was no sound. I quickly realised that even though the HDMI lead was plugged into the graphics card the driver wasn't installed. I installed the driver and restarted the computer.

Now at the same screen resolution the graphics quality is worse. Text which looked smooth before now looks jagged and hard to read. Looking at it for any length of time gives me a headache.

Is there a way (short of uninstalling the graphics card drivers) to get back to the great quality I had before?

The graphics card is Radeon HD 7770.

If you need any other information to answer the question let me know.

Many thanks
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  1. Please check the screen resolution, refresh rate, and the overscan setting in CCC. One or several of these settings seems to be incorrect, especially overscan. I also advise you to check settings of the TV set, especially screen format such as 16:9, panoramic, smart, etc. that may have inadvertently beeen changed.
  2. Thank you!

    Changing the overscan to 0% fixed it!
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