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hey guys, i recently hooked up 2x 1920x1080 displays and one 1440 x 900 to check out triple monitor gaming for borderlands 2 and it was amazing and played at over 60fps [didnt display more, i think borderlands might be locked at 60fps] the entire time on ultra settings. unfortunately the 1440x900 monitor dragged my resolution way down

i have one gtx 670 right now, would just one be able to do triple monitor gaming with 3 full res displays and still be playable or will i have to sli or switch cards?
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  1. for 3 monitors u need to sli the gtx 670 yes u have to other wise u already connected with two dvi ports try the third hdmi as 3 display monitor with single gtx 670
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    This will vary from game to game. Borderlands 2 cell shading seems to make it less graphically intense on cards than other games so you might be able to stay near ultra settings with just one 670. On the other hand if you take a game like BattleField 3 and try to max it on one 670 across 3 screens, the game is gonna pretty much laugh at you. A 670 is a good starting point for Triple Screen gaming and will give you acceptable performance on most games. I would try it out and see how you like it and then if you dont get the performance you want at the games you play most often add in another 670 for SLI. Personally I run a 7950 and am in the same boat as you. Some games the performance is outstanding, other games make me want to throw another one in for crossfire.
  3. With the new series of Nvidia cards, you are not required to use SLI. You just need to connected all 3 to the card, using adapters as needed. However, a single 670 may struggle for performance. It's performance will drop to less than 40% of your current performance.,3162-6.html

    You'll see that at 1080p, it averages at 70 FPS in Dx11, and drops to 27 FPS at 5760x1080 (3 monitor resolution).
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