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Hello all good people of Toms hardware I have come here looking for some guidance as my dear computure custom build by pcspecialists has recently died after 4 years of use. I am now looking to upgrade it the dead components but hopefully try and keep some of the old but I am useless with what works and what doesnt so I was hoping some of you more knowledgable could help.

Here is my current system:

Processor (CPU): Intel core duo E8600 (3.3 GHz)
Motherboard: asus p5q deluxe
Memory hard disk: 300gb WD velociraptor sata 16mb catche (10,000rpm)
Power supply: Epsilon 800 FSP 800w
Case: Antec 900 black gaming case
Graphics: 1GBX2 ATI RADEON HD 4670
Sound card: ASUS XONAR DX

So I was hoping to just take out the old motherboard, CPU and graphics card and replacing them with:

Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5 3570K, Ivy Bridge, 3.4GHz, Quad Core, 6MB Cache
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DEH (motherboard, cpu and ram bundle from http://www.scan.co.uk/3xs-overclocked-bundles)
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 560 (overclockers uk)

I only wanted to get these replacements as I have little cash to spare, my question is would the old and new work together? and would the motherboard fit in my antec case?
I would really appreciate any help here as I am totally clueless when it comes to pc hardware
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  1. Yeah you'll be fine :)
    Motherboard is ATX which is standard form-factor so your Antec will be sure to be able to accommodate it.
    Your 560 will definitely fit, and so will your sound card, off the top of my head, I'm assuming the Xonar DX is a PCI-E card? No matter, the motherboard has a PCI slot anyway if it isn't.
    You're all set :)
  2. Ah thanks alot :), yeh the sound card is PCI-E. How about the hard disk, am I able to just leave that as it is and plug it into my new motherboard with no problem at all?


  3. Yeah, as long as it's SATA you'll be perfectly fine.
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