Ati hd7850 compatible with pci e xpress 1.0x16?

Hi guys, i have increased my budget and now currently lookin towards hd7850, the problem is i have only a pci-e express x16 1.0, will the hd7850 be able to support? I dont really care about less efficiency jus wanna know will it support, here are my specs

Intel core 2 duo E8600 3.0ghz
4gb ram
Socket L55 motherboard
I m currently usin a nvidia 8400gs...
Power supply 550 watts

Thanks guys!!
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  1. I did a little Googling to try to find the answer. Apparently PCI-E 3.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0. You do apparently get some performance drop-off though. I don't personally know how much. Here's the source of the information.
  2. I m okay wit it! I jus wanna make sure it is supported bfor buyin it!' Thanks'n
  3. :o

    Fugggitaboudit -- You are moving to a near-useless-for-gaming nVidia 8400gs to an HD7850. For the record, PCIe Gen1 x16 transfer rate is 2GB/s. Without knowing your resolution it's hard to say, but it just does not matter. You should be more concerned with the age of your power supply, though the HD7850 is highly efficient and a great over-clocker.

    An E8600 C2D would be s775.
  4. Bro, i usin 550 watts... So will support? I m choosin between hd7770 and hd7850... Hope can support... Its okay abt the performance.. Becos i shld be chgin a motherboard early nxt yr.. Jus wanna see can it support my current useless com :p
  5. My resolution can go up to 1920x1080
  6. the power requirements for a 7850 state 500W, and so is techinically your current ps is fine for the new card. However, as wisecracker eluded to, chances are your psu (judging by the the slightly older tech)is quite old, and maybe not as efficient as before. the psu may not be good enough to supply the power needed. if you can give the name and model number of psu, we can bette advise if it's sufficient.
  7. May i ask why does older psu affect gpu? My power supply is actually 600 watts, sorry i m rather a nerd in tech stufss
  8. Over time things wear out and become less efficient - especially PSUs because you cycle them on-and-off, and they are subject to volt-swings from your home electrical circuits.

    And ..... we may have a record, here ..... an 8400gs to an HD7850 gains 23 levels in Toms GPU hierarchy chart!
  9. Ohhh, but the hd7850 is supported in pci e 1.0 right? I am currently decidin on either hd7770 or hd7850...? I do not know which would be better for long term usage...wad type of power supply would u recommend too?
  10. Download, install and run OCCT for an hour ---- or 30 minutes if you are in a hurry - LOL

    When the test ends, a folder will open which contains a series of charts. These charts show system behavior under **full load**

    This will establish a baseline of your *clean power* - what you are looking for in the charts is the voltage line and *Ripple* (or drops in voltage). I think it's the light blue line. OCCT will test across all volt lines of your computer including your CPU and GPU in the various charts.

    At the top of each chart, it will also state the level of ripple. And yes, 98.9% of the time you will have no issues with PCIe Gen1.

    OCCT will also report your motherboard model --- you may check that model number across the internets for any past issues (if any) on the PCIe slot.

    edit: I fergit ...

    After you install your new video card, you may run another OCCT test to compare to the first test. Hopefully, you will pass with flying colors.

    Or, not :lol: Don't run the specific GPU test (it's called *Furmark*). It tests well beyond any typical gaming load.
  11. Hmm thanks!! So how do i put my results here?
  12. *Ctrl-Shift-Prt Screen* will do a screen capture. Paste the capture into Paint. Crop the image down and save it to your desktop.

    Upload the image to a service like photobucket. There is an icon to link your pic(s) in the tool bar using an 'img' tag.

  13. I m currently doin it now :D wow my voltage is goin up 3.78 to around 4.35
  14. That's not a great start --- but you really need to check the 12v rail for the CPU (doubt you will have one for the GPU initially). It will look something like this ...

    That is actually good -- especially on a $30 over-clocked Biostar MCP61 motherboard!
  15. Omg i m jus excited... I did the 30mins test left 8 mins :)
  16. i know your feeling... i had 8400gs and i decided to sell it to my brother and bought HD 7790... my specs are:
    Dual Core E5700 3.0Ghz
    3GB ram
    1tb hdd
    500w psu applegreen(cheap psu)
    i had 8400gs but now i had 7790

    the 7790 is pci-e 3.0. my motherboard only have pci-e x16 1.0.
    it works and i cant see the difference using 3.0 or 1.0 version on this card... but my cpu and ram is bottlenecking in most game.... it has sudden lag sometime because of the cpu

    game tried so far:
    Dirt 3 ultra = 36fps avg
    gta iv low = 28fps min avg 34fps
    now downloading more game :D

    im planning to buy quad core 775lga

    hope this help... i suggest if you buy 7850 you need to overclock your cpu..
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