Twin Turbo Pro installed on 4870, Reboot problems

Hey all it's been bugging me for ages now as to why when i replaced an overheated hd4870 stock fan with this twin turbo pro the gpu seems to still get pretty hot. Left to cool it'll just about boot windows up then shut down instantly however there doesn't appear to be any display defects.

I've got a 450w psu, pretty sure all the connectors are in the right place (followed a picture step by step guide from here).

Card is around a year or so old but having my replacement now gone i could really do with getting this thing running again.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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  1. get a better power supply
  2. So that's the problem i'm experiencing without a doubt? I did go for a bit of a cheap brand of PSU I've heard that can have quite a factor on performance despite wattage, any recommendations on replacements?

    Thanks for the quick response
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