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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some monitor recommendations for a CS6 and gaming computer.

- Time Frame - Within a month (Birthday/Christmas Gift)
- Budget - <$400
- Resolution - 1920x1080
- Software/Use - CS6, Gaming, Windows 8
- Windows 8 compatible/certified
- Ability to lean the monitor at an angle or flat would be cool (I know the monitor won't be a wacom, but I would like to be able to draw on it somewhat)
- Great color

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    seriously? touch for CS6? id get a wacom and then get a professional monitor like a PA238Q.

    its over 400 dollars
  2. Ha,

    My wife uses CS6, I would be the the one using the touch feature to paint for fun. Have a wacom, just would prefer to directly interact with the screen.

  3. it would look like worms were crawling on your screen after you touch a glossy surface.

    other than that monitor, i dont think there are any good touchscreens
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