First Build, tell me what you think ^__^

So I have been asking around the place and reading reviews, and I am planning to buy this PC.

Tell me what you think, (I do want to oc and do crossfire in the future)

cpu - i5 3570 k

gpu - msi hd 7870 hawk

motherboard - asrock z77 extreme4

ram - 2 x 4 gb corsair vengeance

boot ssd - adata premier pro sp600 64 gb

storage hdd - i got a 1tb hard drive lying around, i think i can use that

psu - corsair hx750

cpu cooling - corsair hydro h80i

case - aerocool pgs xpredator
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  1. It's good! But I would upgrade the ssd to at least 120gb. 60 will fill up FAST! The 750w power supply will be needed if you want to crossfire in the future so good choice there! I don't know about the CPU cooling...I haven't heard much about it but that's just because its new I think. I personally prefer air cooling to water, less hassle but you can do what you like! CPU is good for games, easy to over clock! Mobo is OK feature wise but good for the price. I really don't know much about that case so I can't give advice but other than that it looks good!
  2. you forgot a dvd drive
  3. consider hper evo 212 its very good for its price....and since you hane an hdd why dont lose the ssd buy a better gpu and add a ssd a little later....just my opinion
  4. Needs more cowbell and stuff
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