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I am interesting in buying a new computer and i wanted to get an offer for it's components. it is meant to run games (well game -BF3) and some editing programs of photos and movies (like photoshop, premiere..)
i want it to be strong and good quality since i want it to last long (at least like my 6 year old computer)
i don't know too much on computers and am not a native english speaker so be soft on me with the terms and stuff :)

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  1. budget, location, and if you are overclocking or going to do any crossfire or SLI

    and if you want it to stay great to top performing for 6 years, it wont happen
  2. well i don't know about the budget really, i am trying to figure out how much is it going to be more or less, i guess my budget is around 800$ but i am flexible (up to 1500$)
    i am leaving in Israel.
    I don't know if i am going to oc it since i have never done it before thus a bit scared to do it, but am reading about it and trying to learn how to. so for now lets say i am not.
    and sry but i don't know what crossfire or SLI mean :0
    i don't want it to be top notch for 6 years but quite good and maybe upgradable..

    thanks for the fast answer!
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    i dont know sites in israel but i can provide a list of what i would get
  4. lets say i have an optical drive i can take from my computer and windows lisence.
    i want to have an nvidia video card.
    and i have a question about the MB, should i prefer to buy the 1155 or 2011 one?
    and if i want to upgrade your suggestion - where should i focus?
  5. windows license only works on one computer unless you have retail edition

    1155. 2011 is way to expensive for you

    nvidia cards are a terrible value right now. unless the 660ti costs as much as a 7870, i wouldnt get it.

    id get a SSD so that you can boost loading times. a 7870 can pretty much play games at ultra
  6. and here i see we have only the 3470 3570 & 3570k intel proccesors available
  7. ok then. get the 3470

    oh and what is the price difference between the i5 2300, 2310, 2400 compared to the 3470? they are older chips but still work just as well

    i thought you guys in israel have all intel stuff. they have a huge establishment there
  8. Adobe Premier settles the GFC card choice ..... only nVidia does CUDA and CUDA rocks in video editing. I'm going to concentrate on the upper end of your $800 - $1500 budget range. This totals out to $1441 w/ promos, rebates etc.

    Case - $120 - Corsair Carbide 500R
    PSU - $60 - Corsair TX750 V2
    MoBo - $245 - ASUS P8Z77-V pro w/ Win7-64 bit Combo
    CPU - $200 - Intel Core i7-3570K
    Cooler - $45 - Hyper 612
    TIM - $5 - Shin Etsu
    RAM - $46 - (2 x 4GB) Corsair LV RAM
    GFX - $400 - Asus GTX 670 DCII
    GFX - Later - Asus GTX 670 DCII Later
    HD - $120 Caviar Black 1TB
    SSD - $180 - Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240 GB
    DVD Writer - $20 - ASUS 24X DVD Burner
    OS - incl w/ MoBo - Win 7-64 Home Premium
  9. we do have a lot, though from the 3rd generation i didn't see the 3330, but only from the 3450 and up.
    3470- 220$
    and by the way the sapphire 7870 cost here 400$ while the asus gtx660 ti cost 425$
  10. how much is the 3450? otherwise id get a 3470 as it performs 100mhz faster

    do you have a gigabyte 7870 or any other brand 660ti or a 7870?
  11. the 3450 is ~250$ (don't ask me how)

    660ti - msi 450$, zotac 455$, gigabyte 460$, asus 472$
    for the 7870 i didn't find many brands but msi has it for 375$ while gigabyte for 425$, asus for 430$.
    that is all i see at the moment.
  12. thanks - JackNaylorPE - for that version of computer suggestion
    though throwing the dvd hdd windows ssd aside = 1121$ while in israel it would actually cost 1700$ :??:
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  14. id get the msi 7870 but if you feel you want a little more performance for a good chunk more cost, go with the msi 660ti
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