Making DVD player Disc with regular CD-R Drive

Does anyone know how to burn a CD-R disc of video that can be read in a standard component DVD player?
Looks like there would be room for 20 or 30 minutes of DVD video. How do you do it?
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  1. DVDs and VCDs are totally different. You cannot make a "DVD" from a regular CDR. You will need a DVD writer and DVD disc.

    As for VCDs, many burning programs offer a "wizard" to help you. Easy CD Creator and Nero both have this.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  2. ya you'll have to convert the dvd video to VCD somehow

    The more I know the more I know I don't know
  3. you can do it, kinda. You need dvd authoring software. like DVDit!
  4. Thanks Rob but that was NOT what I was asking about!

    I was asking about the ability to burn say 20 minutes of video onto a REGULAR CD-R disc. I thought I made that very clear, but oh well!

    There are software packages out there that offer to do this.

    Example: DVD-COPY 3.0

    Presumably they do this by writing a short amount of VCD type data to a regular CD-R.
  5. Thank you - I will try to learn more about that then!
  6. OUCH!! I don't HAVE $600.00 for it though!
  7. one word: warez

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  8. If it's on a CD, it's not a DVD, it's a VCD. Enough said.

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  9. i 2 am looking 4 a program that will convert a avi file to vcd that can be played on a dvd player
    i no it can be done but i'm not sure how 2 do it
  10. you need a dvd burner to do that.................................................................
    which is going to cost you an arm and a leg....


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  11. No no no, you do not need a dvd writer to do what he is asking!

    I suggest you go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for some free capturing/converting/editing options. I went there and found everything I needed from start to finish. Burnt the first few episodes of '24' onto a cd-r using VCD format with NERO. Good luck.
  12. bad :smile:
    i didnt really think through...


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