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hello all,
i want to ask how to get my ping down.
i know i cant control it, but is there any way i can get it down.
its not that i get laggs, the reason is i get kicked for high ping on many servers
the game i play online is swat 4
modem-binatone dt 845 w
isp - airtel (india)
net speed- 4-5 mbps
os-windows 7
lan card - use wifi - NETGEAR WNA1100 N150 Wireless USB Adapter
i used a laptop earlier and got same pings (wifi - so probably not hardware or wifi card)
also tried to use cable (cat5), but again same pings
i also heard about registry - tcp ack / delay one
that too doesnt work.
so tell me something new
are there services in windows 7 that are biting up my network ?
can they be disabled ?
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  1. Where is the game hosted?
  2. uk.i get normal pings on other servers there , but the problem is the server i want to play on is accelerated . but one of my freinds living in same country has a 1 mbps net but still he get , 200 pings.

    btw please confirm if this is hardware / software / isp / net sided
  3. I would say it is quite normal to get ping at game server at that distance.

    Can you traceroute to the game server?

    Try shorten the route to get lower ping. Although I would recommend playing game hosted on local server. Surely there are many good players in servers in India?
  4. no , thats the problem for this game no perma server in india.

    and how can i shorten the route ?
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    Yeah, which route you go through depends on your ISP. I know that my ISP sucks when accessing server in China but I don't visit sites there often so it is not much of a problem.

    I would suggest you go to different ISP shop and try out their internet and change ISP

    Or you can use proxy server that route differently from your ISP. Although I am not sure which one to use. I don't have problem with high ping in games so I never explore these options.
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