Two displays configuraiton with Virtu

Hi guys,

I am an old school guy and I am not familiar with this Virtu switchable graphics mambo jambo.

I bought a new system:
i7 3770
P8H77 V LE

I am in filming business and I got use to use one 21" display for primary and another 42" for extended desktop display. But I don't know how to configure for switchable graphics.

Motherboard has: 1xVGA, 1xDVI-Sub, and 1xHDMI ports.
Graphic card has: 2xDVI-Sub, 2xHDMI ports.

Primary display has: 1xDVI-Sub ports.
Secondary has: 2xHDMI ports.

Where or how should I connect the cables in order to use both displays in this configuration with Virtu feature? What I mean with an example:
1. I should use intel HD graphics with desktop applications in primary display and secondary as extended.
2. Also when I paly games, it should switch to ZOTAC and it may allow me to ply in primary or secondary display.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Any ideas?
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