AMD Build vs Intel Build

Hello everyone, I have two builds that are similar in price, but i need your help with picking an AMD build or an Intel build.

(i have the ram, hard drive, and a dvd burner already.)

(builds for gaming)

(the AMD build has the 7950, intel has the 7870.)

AMD build:

Intel build:

So which one do you think will perform better, i mostly use it for gaming, recording my gameplay, etc.

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  1. I would recommend the Intel build, because while the FX6300 is faster, I don't think its quick enough to dethrone Intel yet.
  2. yes but the intel has the 7870 while the amd has the 7950?
  3. Yes. The 7870 with the i5 is going to be more balanced than the 6300 with the 7950.
  4. will there be nice cyber monday deals for some of these products? :)
  5. There probably will be, yes. I wouldn't doubt it.
  6. Thanks for all the help bro
  7. I would go for the AMD build, but def grab an aftermarket cooler so you can overclock for better performance.
  8. Depends what games you are playing to some degree

    Games like BF3 will play better with the AMD rig and stronger graphics card

    Skyrim would almost certainly be better on the intel build ....unless you OC the FX processor
  9. Just as an in between alternate, Amazon has the i5-3350P (same clock as 3450, but slower turbo) on sale for $159. Maybe that would save just enough to allow the 7950 and an i5.
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