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Hey all, im new to these forums but have read and googled quite a bit around this problem but cant find the solution.
I have HP G5135uk pc which has got Intel G41 express chipset installed and it uses system Ram as Video ram it says on dxdiag and graphics option that max amount able to use is 1342mb. I was hoping to be able to play borderlands at low-med settings with no lag , but i get terrible lag at 800x600 res at low settings so i got this GPU-z program and even when i max everything it says that my gpu only use 300mb of the memory so i was hoping is there a way to make my gpu use more ram? cause game only uses like 1.5 gb ram for it =video ram so its about 2 gb used.
Full system specs.:
HP G5135uk
Windows 7 ultimate
Pentium dual-core E5400 2.7 ghz
3 GB ram
Intel G41 express chipset
H-I41-uATX (Eton) motherboard
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  1. Increasing VRAM will not speed up the game. The G41 integrated GPU is just too slow for that game.
  2. The thing is that i used to have xp windows on my pc it used to use even less V ram there the max was for some reason 256 and i was even worse now i got better with win7U so i figured that was the problem.
  3. It integrated so it will get as much unused memory as it need. The problem is you need a new pc.
  4. Not only the G41 is slow it also sucks a lot of power, Intel has the TDP at 24w! Being that the system is an HP but even if you were able to overclock it you wouldn't get far unless you set the pci-e clock to 104mhz and then you could set the chipset clock up to 360mhz. So my advice is just cave in and go buy a cheap 6450 or better for gaming.
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