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First of all, thanks for this awesome forum. I have spent probably 20 hours reading on various sites, studying newegg, tigerdirect, etc.

I have learned that I can't cheap out on power supply, I mention that because I am looking at these two kits. for $134.99 with an Athlon X4 640

or for $159.99 with the Phenom X4.

I have a few 500gb harddrives. I would spent a few bucks to get a dvd player.

I want to be able to do some video editing with Sony Vegas 12 Suite. Not a lot just for fun.

My plan was to buy Windows 7 pro and spend most of the money in a strong GPU, which could be migrated to another build.

I have read something about choke points and if the CPU is too underpowered it then I won't get the full benefit of a GPU.

The only game I might play is maybe EQ.

I'd like to keep the total budget including operating system under $450/500.

So in summary, either of the above kits work? Is $25 more for the phenom worth it. Can you suggest a better psu? And a good value GPU?

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  1. Sorry, I wanted to mention I did read the $500 system build for Aug 2012. And there was another poster on this board who had some recommended system builds on his own web page and I read that also. Even the article on Tom's about building a $400ish system for his child. Looking for the best bang for the buck.
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