Is this card nice?

I was just wondering if this was a nice card because i was hoping to order today and this is a nice price
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  1. Which one? Check your link....
  2. get the gtx 680
  3. im thinking about getting more monitors so i heard the 7970 is a lot better at larger resolutions
  4. Yea the WF coolers are great, seems like a good price too...

    As for 680 vs 7970... I'm not getting involved :lol:

    Best to do the usual research and compare benchmarks from a couple of trusted sources.... The 7970 might be a better option if you enjoy overclocking and Nvidia have a lot of nice extra features.... Its more of a personal preference...
  5. OK... Im not giong to overclock but do this cards look stable? i mean the coolers and so on
  6. The 680 isn't worth an extra $30 over the 7970 GHz edition unless you know you're playing games that favor the 680 over the 7970. They're pretty much even across many games but win some games and lose others, so you have to check what games you play.

    I'm not a big fan of the aesthetic of those cards or their performance based on OC3D's experience with them, so I don't really recommend either.

    680 -->

    7970 (yes I know not the GHz version) -->
  7. 680
  8. the games i play
    (gta IV, Fallout new vegas, Skyrim, arma II/Dayz, BF3, Garys mod, crysis 2, Fallout 3, and borderlands 2[also more but these are the kinds of games i mostly play])

    What card would work the best with these?

    thank you to all that have helped me! :D
  9. Yeah so you play tons of stuff... both cards are going to even out to being about the same. IMO that means that the 680 isn't worth $30 extra money.

    Like I said, though, I wouldn't go for the Gigabyte Windforce cards - that's just me personally from what I've read of them.

    I know you're waiting on the Vapor-X 7970 GHz edition. It really is worth the wait IMO if you don't want one of the regular 7970 OC models. The 680 is overpriced and has been for some time.
  10. OK now i see... good well ill read about the gigabyte
  11. Tons of people have had great experiences with them (i.e. the Gigabyte Windforce version of cards) and like them, and some review sites are very positive about them, they're just not my thing so I don't feel right recommending them.
  12. I'd go for the hd 7970.....
  13. yeah... ugh! :P i wish amazon had the vaporx for the same price
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