"No signal DVI" displayed on Monitor

Hey guys, this is my first post so I don't know if im in the right area, but I need some serious help.
I put together my first PC today and everything looks as if it's working properly. The fans are spinning, power is flowing to the motherboard, and the LEDs are on. The only problem is the connection between the PC and the monitor. Every time I hook up the monitor to the graphics card via DVI-D, I get a message on the screen that says "no signal DVI" or "DVI no signal". I'm going to post a list of the troubleshooting that i've already attempted and my system specs to help you guys narrow down the problem easier.
Here's what i've done:
1. Double checked that the GPU was seated properly
2. Double checked the PCI-E connections
3. Tried using both the DVI cable and the VGA cable
4. Moved GPU to a different slot
5. Switched to a different PCI-E cable
6. Removed graphics card and connected DVI to the motherboard

Nothing is working!!! :(

CPU: i5-3570k
GPU: EVGA geforce GTX 670 FTW
Mobo: Msi z77a-GD55
Memory: Patriot G2 DDr3
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200 RPM 32-bit

One last thing, The graphics card fan was NOT spinning when I tested the computer.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. Two things - 1) Change Power Saving Mode settings in Control Panel - Power, so the system does not time out the monitor. If desktop set to no sleep at all. 2) Change the Sleep or timeout settings on monitor itself.
  2. I don't have windows installed yet so I can't do number 1. And I have no idea how to change the settings on monitor because it goes to sleep as soon as it realizes that it doesn't have a DVI signal. Its an Asus vs238h-p if that helps.
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    Does the monitor have a switch button for DVI/VGA ?
    If yes use that and see if it helps reset.
    So this happens only on DVI but not VGA ?
    Install Windows using VGA cable, switch setttings in software to DVI channel, then reboot and switch cables.
  4. Hey guys, I took my computer to someone I know who works for IBM and found out the problem. Turns out the 8-pin CPU power connector I was using was faulty. I switched it out with a new cable and now the computer is up and running :)
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  6. Weird but hey, it happens, no power to the slots...
  7. Hi able to help me cuz it happen on me
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