670 not using its whole capacity

Hey guys,

Ive got a Asus DCII GTX 670, I easily play games like Battlefield 3 on ultra.

I'm having problems playing WoW. It's only running at 55-60 fps in forests. Even worse in cities. This card should be able to get like triple of that.

The card never gets hotter then 50C when playing WoW

I hope im asking this question in the right forum section... Does anyone know how I should fix this?

i5 2500k 4.3ghz OC (stable, temps onder de 60C)
DCII Gtx 670
Gigabyte z68x ud3h b3
8GB DDR Corsair Vengeance ram
128GB Ocz Vertex 4SSD
1TB Samsung Spinpoint HDD

Stats in WoW
TDP max 32.5%
Gpu memory clock max 1530
Gpu core clock max 1251
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  1. Also having problems on bc2 now
  2. Unless you spend alot of money on a monitor and use a DP connection your monitor runs at 60hz, meaning that anything over 60 fps doesn't matter at all. In some cases it's even bad to go higher because you start seeing screen tearing, artifacts, etc...
  3. Vsync?
  4. vsync disabled,

    thats not relevant mace. I just want things to be silky smooth, i regularly drop to 40fps now and that wont happen if this card was working as intended.
  5. Do you have any 3rd party add-ins installed? These can have a very detrimental effect on fps.

    I've always found wow to be fairly poorly optimised, especially in comparison to games that are far more impressive graphically. Also, fps always seem to drop after an expansion. Fromw
    Hat I gather, wow is more cpu intensive than gpu. Do your frames rates improve if you lower resolution? (that will help identify if it's cpu or gpu limited).

    You could try taking off the frame rate limiter (something like set maxfps = 200), look it up on Google.

    What issues are you having with bc2?

    If it's across the board, could be faulty gpu, but if you're fine on b3,then I'd be fairly surprised.
  6. No addons, clean install, bc2 problems are already solved (had fps limited)
    already took off the limiter on WoW, didnt help,

    ill try to lower resolution

    edit: lowered resolution, didnt have any impact on fps!
  7. So that signifies its been likely limited by the cpu, not the gpu.

    Is your overclock definitely stable? Try lowering it a bit, to say 3.6ghz, and see if there are any improvements. If not, I'm afraid that this could just be the performance your system is capable of. As I said before, it's not fantastically optimised.

    Anyone else have similar specs that they can provide a benchmark with?
  8. I ran intelburntest with it, high, not even a stutter.
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